General terms and conditions of use

Basic rules for using the website, version (v. 2.1, April 12, 2020)

These general terms and conditions of use of the website (hereinafter: the general terms and conditions) apply to all users and all forms of use of the website (hereinafter: the website or

The General Terms and Conditions are regularly updated and are available at any time in their latest and valid version in full text to anyone on the Website.

If you do not agree with these general terms and conditions or part of these general terms and conditions, we urge you to stop accessing the website immediately.

Each user and member of the website agrees that he will try to resolve any violations of the rules by other users and members who infringe on his rights in agreement with the user or the member who caused the violations. In the event that the violations are not remedied, it will notify the provider by e-mail to e-mail or via specially designed website services.

Each user uses all services of the website at their own risk and fully guarantees the legality of the content it submits to the website and for legal and factual errors in the content it submits to the website.

In case of disagreement with the general terms and conditions, each member is obliged to permanently withdraw. The member can withdraw at any time and for any reason via the automatic user interface at or by sending username and password to the e-mail adress, administrator however, it will turn it off immediately after verification. Until the exclusion, the member is fully responsible for his actions.

The provider reserves the right to immediately exclude the user and terminate the membership without prior notice in case of violation of the general conditions of use or. in cases other than those specified in these terms.


GENERAL TERMS OF USE of the Website constitute a legally valid and binding and irrevocable agreement between the provider and the users of the Website.

The PRIVACY POLICY of the website contains a description of the manner of protection, processing and transmission of personal data of users and members of the website, which they provide to the service provider in the framework of registration or use of the website.

The WEBSITE (hereinafter: the or website) is a website that offers certain services to users within the domain space. The service provider may change the domain address of the website.

THE SERVICE PROVIDER (hereinafter: the provider or holder) of the website and the owner and administrator of software applications and related service activities, the company Popcom spletni mediji d.o.o., Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68F, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, unless otherwise stated.

The USER of the service is any person who uses the services of the website (hereinafter referred to as the user) in any way (either by accessing, viewing, playing games, etc.).

A MEMBER is any person who successfully completes the process of registering a new member and confirms his registration by logging in to the website with his username and password.

A FORUM is a part of the services of the website, intended for the exchange of opinions between the members of the website. The service provider is not responsible for the content of the Forum. Members are obliged to comply with the rules of conduct at the Forum, which are set out below in these General Terms and Conditions.


The services of the website are intended for the free use (playing) of computer games and the exchange of opinions between users of the website on the content of games and other content related to computer games (hereinafter: games or copyrighted content).

The site also provides links to servers from which users and members of the site can use an individual game. The service provider is not responsible for the availability, content and operation of the games of individual providers of free online games.

Services are generally available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The provider reserves the right to change, temporarily or permanently enable any or all functionalities of the website, without prior notice.


All provisions of the General Terms and Conditions apply equally to members and users, unless otherwise expressly provided in these General Terms and Conditions.

Member Services are intended for all members of the website who successfully complete the new member registration process. Some services are also available to a limited or unlimited extent to non-member users.

The provider reserves the right to change the conditions of access to services for members and users of the at any time.

Membership on the website is intended exclusively for non-commercial personal use by individuals.

The services may be freely used, under these general terms and conditions, only by users who have reached the age of 15. Users and members under the age of 15 must obtain the written permission of their parents or legal guardians to use the services in the manner prescribed by applicable law. By using the website, users and members expressly guarantee that they meet the age requirement set out in this article.


By filling out the form on the website, the user begins the member registration process.

By starting the registration process, the user confirms that he has read these general terms and conditions and the privacy policy, understands them, agrees with them and accepts them in full and without additional restrictions or reservations.

The user selects a username and password during the registration process. The provider reserves the right to refuse to assign or use a username that does not comply with these general conditions during the registration process or at any time thereafter.

In the process of creating a user account, the user creates a user account exclusively for his name and for his account.

The provider may, at its discretion, restrict the registration of new members or prevent users from acquiring membership.

Upon registration, the user undertakes that all entered data are accurate and correct. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the entered data.

The registration of other persons and the use of foreign personal names is prohibited, which is guaranteed by each user with full liability and assumes passive legitimacy in the event of a dispute.

As part of the services, a member may not impersonate another person in reality. He is fully liable for damages or criminal liability for any damage that he would cause to other users, members, providers or third parties in this way and assumes his passive legitimacy in the event of a dispute.

When registering, the following information must be provided:
- username,
- password,
- date of birth and gender *,
- e-mail address *.

When the registration process is completed, the user automatically enters the site and thus becomes a member. In case the member wants to use all the services available on the website, he must confirm the entered e-mail address. The member receives a confirmation link to access the website at the specified e-mail address, thereby confirming the validity of the e-mail address.

* personal data is protected in accordance with the websites Privacy Policy.


The provider reserves the right to change, adapt or refuse to use material that is in conflict with these general conditions at any time.

The user or member agrees that the service, especially the Forum, will be used in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and general ethical norms.

The member will use a single user account as part of the use of the website and its services. In the event that the same member uses different user accounts, the provider may deny him access to all accounts on website. A member is not allowed to use a foreign username.

Members are solely responsible for protecting their usernames and passwords from unauthorized use by others. Members are not permitted to lend data to access their user accounts or authorize any other user to use their username.


The member is personally responsible for the opinions, advice, statements and other data and materials provided or published, as well as for the publications or displayed data and information provided through the services of the website.

Members of the services are not allowed to send, upload, link or link offensive, offensive, violent, threatening, racist, inaccurate, illegal and otherwise ethically questionable content or content that violates or interferes with copyright, related, personal and other legal and the constitutional rights of third parties, regardless of the nationality of those persons, in the form of statements, files or in any other form. Members and users of the services are not allowed to provide or publicly publish data or content that is protected by industrial property rights, copyrights, personal rights and other rights of third parties (the right to privacy and prevention of public disclosure of personal data).

During the registration process or later, it is prohibited to include in the user profile in any way the contact and identification marks of users (personal data), such as telephone numbers, identification names for instant messaging and other communication programs, physical or e-mail addresses, full personal names and the like. Usernames must also not contain offensive or vulgar expressions and profanity. terms protected by trademark rights.

The service provider reserves all rights regarding the assessment of suitability, installation and removal of individual usernames, other data in the user profile and content that the user submits to the system within his user profile.

The service prohibits the advertising or solicitation of other users and members to sell, purchase, rent, raise funds or any other marketing of goods and services. It is also prohibited to encourage users and members to visit other websites in order to increase the traffic or visibility of advertising sites.

When using the services, it is prohibited to act in any way that makes it difficult or impossible for other users and members to use the services normally. This provision includes a ban on sending chain letters or so-called unauthorized e-mails to other members or any harassment of members with similar content. The distribution of any computer viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious code or other practices that could endanger or cause harm to the website, other members, providers or other users is prohibited.


The duration of the user account in the case of regular use in accordance with the provisions of these conditions is not limited.

User accounts with which members will not log in for more than 365 days can be automatically deleted.


All content published on the website, except for content uploaded to the web server by members (Forum), is the property of the service provider and / or its partners or contractual associates and legal entities that own rights related to individual games on the site.

Authors works include, among other things, all computer code, the organized structure of the system and all written, pictorial, audio and other material. In accordance with the provisions of intellectual property law, it is not necessary to add a mark to copyright-protected material (eg copyrighted, copyright, (c), etc.), but it is protected from the very beginning and prohibits unauthorized persons from further reproduction, distribution, modification, public display and broadcasting and other forms of exploitation of the copyright work without the consent of the copyright holder.

The service provider is not responsible for the content of individual games published on the website.

The provider is the sole owner of the brand and its derived names, trademarks and service marks, signs and slogans.

The provider reserves the right to take action against infringers in accordance with the law in the event of established violations of intellectual property rights.

Copying, distribution or modification of any information without the prior written permission of the provider is not allowed. For permission to use the providers protected material, write to e-mail.


You are allowed to link from other websites to the website. Links may not be made to websites with illegal or immoral content.

Except in the above case, it is prohibited to publish, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use the logo and trademark of the website on other websites without the permission of the service provider.


The service provider does not guarantee that any information provided by other users or members is accurate.

It is not necessary or advisable for the user or member to disclose any of the personal data to other users or members at any time, unless he decides otherwise on his own responsibility.

The user or member agrees that the content and materials may contain links to various external sites, such as other Internet sites, individual sites or other sources. The user or member agrees that the provider is not responsible for the availability, content or errors of external links.


The provider of the website protects the personal data of users in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. More detailed explanations are published in the Privacy Policy.


While browsing the website, short text files - cookies - are transferred to the computers of users and members together with the content of the files. Cookies contain information that is necessary for the proper operation of some applications on the website, while giving users some advantages in using the services.

The user or member can use the settings of their web browser to determine whether or not to allow the use of cookies on a particular website. It is not possible to use the services of the website, for which membership is required on the website, without cookies enabled. More information about cookies and their use can be found in the documentation and instructions for using your browser.


The provider does not control the material and data submitted by users or members to the website within the Forum, and is therefore not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered or for any loss or damage caused by this data or due to their loss. In accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the Provider reserves the right to control and delete any data and material submitted by the user or member to the Forum, and the right to delete, move or modify any material in its opinion that violates the provisions. these conditions, but does not undertake to do so. Members who provide such data or material within the services are liable for violations regardless of the providers intervention.


The Provider reserves the right to take any of the following measures in the event of non-compliance with any provision at its discretion against the user who violates the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions:

- a warning about non-compliance with the general terms and conditions and a call to comply with them,
- blocking the possibility of accessing individual services within the website,
- blocking the user account,
- blocking other user accounts found by the provider to be used by the same member as the user account with which the infringement was caused,
- blocking the IP address from which the infringement occurred,
- forwarding the IP address from which the infringement occurred to the responsible Internet service provider.

The provider will exclude all users or members who act in contravention of these conditions or other actions sanctioned by the law (legislation) of the Republic of Slovenia.


The user or member agrees to release the service provider, its owners, employees, contract associates and other proxies from any liability for data loss or any other problems or inconvenience suffered by them due to their own misuse of the website services or misuse of other users. The provider is also not responsible for any interruption of the service, regardless of the reason.

In all cases of violation of the provisions of these conditions, the service provider reserves the right to initiate proceedings in its own name or. joins as a co-debtor those users or members who have been harmed in any way.

Users or members are liable for the material and non-material damage caused to the service provider, its owners, employees, contractual associates or proxies in accordance with the general rules of the law of obligations.

The Service Provider reserves the right, in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, to terminate or terminate membership at any time with or without notice for any breach of the provisions of this Agreement or to restrict access to certain services or services to in full.

The Service Provider does not guarantee to users and members that the use of the services of the website will be completely safe, uninterrupted, always available, nor that it will justify their expectations of the website. The provider is also not responsible for telephone and network connections and services, including coverage of the area or disconnection. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages, including damage due to lost data, loss of programs, connection costs, costs of providing alternative services or interruptions of services resulting from the use of the website, even if the Provider is aware of the possibility of such damage.


The user or member agrees to these terms by visiting the website each time, regardless of whether or not he or she has logged in to the website using a username and password. The right of the user or member to use the service is subject to any subsequent changes or additions (terms, restrictions and / or conditions) determined by the provider.

The provider reserves the right to make any changes, in part or in full, to any part of the General Terms and Conditions, without special notice and without restrictions. The changes are valid from the moment of publication on the website. The provider undertakes that the applicable conditions will always be easily accessible on the website.

The provider may at any time indefinitely change, cancel or discontinue any part of the service, as well as access to any features of the service, application, database or individual content. The provider may also impose additional restrictions on certain features and parts of the service or restrict an individual user or member from accessing parts or the entire service without prior notice.


For questions, comments and complaints relating to the services of the website, please first contact the e-mail address or the postal address of Popcom, doo, which is listed at the beginning of these general terms and conditions.


The agreement on the acceptance of these general terms and conditions was concluded in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia. The exclusive law of the Republic of Slovenia applies to disputes arising from the use of the website services, these general terms and conditions and in connection with the company Popcom doo. All parties to the contract, regardless of their actual geographical location, nationality or affiliation, agree that within this service they are bound exclusively by the law of the Republic of Slovenia. Disputes relating to this Agreement shall not be subject to the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. All disputes and legal proceedings related to this agreement, the use of the service and the operation of the service are the sole jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.


This version of the General Terms and Conditions has the serial number 2.1 and is valid from 12 April 2020.

Service provider Popcom d.o.o.